Moody #rstats

Michael W. Kearney 2018-10-25


This is the dedicated repository for the Fall 2018 workshop on collecting and analyzing digital trace data using R/Rstudio hosted by the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas-Austin.

The hourly breakdown of the workshop, which consists of two 3-hour sessions, is provided below. Note that each section has a corresponding follow-along Rmarkdown document, which can be found in the main folder in this repository.

Github repo

This is probably the best place to go:

1: Intro to R/Rstudio

2: Data vizualization

3: Data wrangling

4: Web data

5: Twitter API (rtweet)

6: Machine learning


I have forked this repo from Charlotte Wickham, who forked it from RStudio. Thanks to Charlotte and Garrett for creating the slides and accompanying materials!